Born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, Christine Sako spent some harsh winters bundled up indoors with a guitar and a notebook.  Learning to play guitar right before the onset of her high school years in 2002, it didn’t take Christine long to figure out the best way to handle teenage angst and heartache was through writing music.  Slowly but surely, she started making meager recordings to share with friends and anyone who would listen.  This trend continued up through her mid-college years, where and when she began performing at local venues of various sizes to a myriad of audiences.

While still attending the University of Minnesota in 2009, Christine had the unique opportunity to play as a touring member of a local band in Minneapolis.  Due to the frequency and duration of the touring schedule, she decided it would be best to fully dedicate her time and energy into music and took a two year hiatus from the college life.  During this time she ceased all her solo-project efforts.

After a great run playing with the band, she decided it was time to head back to school in 2011 to finish up her final year of college and obtained her Mathematics degree in 2012.  Having time to re-focus her mind on her hobbies and life goals, this last year of school provoked her to make a couple recordings — something she had not attempted in over 5 years.

Having finished school and knowing Minnesota winters were too much to take on, Christine packed up her essentials (her guitar taking up 1/5 of the available space) in her modest Toyota Camry in October of 2012 and drove halfway across the country to San Diego, CA.  Since then, she has been writing and recording with the inspiration that her relocation brought her.  She has started to play locally and has caught some air-time on a local radio station.

Her new single, “Suddenly,” is out now!.  Be sure to check out this unique blend of electronic, acoustic, and pop! Check it out here:


Christine Sako:  Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Keys, Bass (anything she doesn’t have to blow into…)