Born and raised in Minneapolis, Christine Sako made the ~2,000 mile trek to San Diego, CA in 2012 with the 1 instrument that made the downsizing cut for the westward move: her guitar. After settling into the sunshine and rebuilding her instrument collection, Christine started writing and recording for her first full-length album. Released in 2014, The Math Project brought about an electronic and poppier side of what had traditionally been a more acoustic and melancholy genre.

After hearing Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” in 2002, Christine knew she had to take a stab at being a bad-ass, guitar-wielding songwriter. Initially weary of judgement, Christine would record her songs and send them to friends on AIM claiming she had “just found this tune online” … just to get objective feedback. When the feedback was positive, she knew she had to run with it.

In 2009 she got a rare opportunity to tour with an up-and-coming band, Now, Now. After opening for bands such as Paramore and Paper Route, Christine returned to the University of Minnesota after calling it quits with the band. After readjusting to academic life, she finally got her Mathematics degree and 3 months later she was off to California.

Now settled as ever in quarantine and back at the songwriting helm, Christine has new music for anyone with open ears.

Her new single, “Sediments,” is out now!.  Be sure to check out this unique blend of indie, electronic, and pop! Check it out here:


Christine Sako:  Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Keys, Bass (anything she doesn’t have to blow into…)