After hearing Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” in 2002, Christine knew she had to take a stab at being a bad-ass, guitar-wielding songwriter. Initially weary of judgement, Christine would record her songs and send them to friends on AIM claiming she had “just found this tune online” … just to get objective feedback. When the feedback was positive, she knew she had to run with it.

In 2009, Christine got an opportunity to tour with indie-pop band Now, Now. After two years of opening for bands such as Paramore and Paper Route, she decided to re-visit her solo ventures.

Born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, Christine drove solo cross-country to San Diego, CA in 2012 with her guitar and a 25 key MIDI controller. After settling into the sunshine, Christine started writing and recording for her first full-length album. Released in 2014, The Math Project is a hybrid of acoustic and synth-based pop inspired by the Cali vibe.

Christine is back in 2021 with new music for anyone with open ears. From the guitar-driven pop ballad “Sediments” to the upbeat indie-pop single, “Seasoned”, it’s clear the evolution of her style is still unfolding. Now with distinct vocals and beat driven melodies, she aims to take the listener on a journey through all the emotions. From car bopping to melancholic, each song peels back at the layers we all share, making for a relatable, easy-listening experience. Keep your ears open for a unique blend of acoustic and electronic elements in her new heartfelt single, “Warmth”.

Christine Sako: Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Keys, Bass (anything she doesn’t have to blow into…)